Coconut's story
Sweet Coconut showed up as a puppy on a lady's porch out in the woods. She was injured and terrified. We were able to get her in a crate and to the vet. Apparently she had been attacked by one or more dogs and had puncture wounds on her back end and abdomen. The vet treated the wounds and got her on antibiotics but we had to use welders gloves to handle her for the first 10 day because she was just so fearful. Now she is a sweet happy, healthy girl. She was spayed two weeks ago and was friendly with everyone at the vet.Coconut is 6 months old and weighs 40 lbs. She clearly has husky in her and we are guessing Samoyed or possibly Great Pyr. She is still very afraid of dogs when she first meets them and would probably not be good with small children but she will get better the more she is socialized.We all absolutely love this girl and want her to have a wonderful home. She has a stubborn streak in her and thinks everything is a game when you call her but with patient training we think she will be an awesome member of any family. If you would like to give this beautiful baby the loving home she deserves, please contact

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