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Game Room Toys for Sale
4 Stern Pinballs & Parker Bohn Pro Bowler Shuffle Alley for sale
These were purchased by me brand new and only used in home with very minimal use (no playing surface wear).
That is why I am selling . . . they are just not getting used enough.
They are all coin-op (or can be set for free play). The shuffle alley has a bill acceptor but it is not reprogrammed to take the new bills.
More info on each machine by going to the link listed behind each one.
Stern Playboy Pinball /Games/620.aspx
Stern Harley Davidson Pinball 2nd Edition /Games/harley-davidson.aspx
Stern Monopoly Pinball /Games/621.aspx
Stern Roller Coaster Tycoon Pinball /Games/619.aspx
Parker Bohn III Pro Bowler Shuffle Alley /asp/prodtype.asp?prodtype=19
All have full manuals.
$2700 each
Ms. PacMan / Galaga reunion stand-up cabinet video game (also plays original PacMan) /pacman-mspacman-galaga-home.htm
have manual
This is NOT Coin-Op.
Wurlitzer One-More-Time 50 CD Juke Box
Full size by Wurlitzer with "bubble tubes"
Also has remote control installed and manuals
Call Craig at

Location: Northampton, PA

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